M.B. Memorial Birthday Party

28.07.18: BROODTHAERS-(offen)BACH. M.B. (half) Memorial Birthday Party
with Ofri Lapid
Bundesufer, Berlin

28.7.18 : Invitation

Dear friends,

We would like to warmly invite you to the upcoming M.B. (half) Memorial Birthday Party on Saturday, 28.7.18!
      28.1.1924 – 28.1.1976  | 31.3.1685 – 28.7.1750

         (20.6.1819 – 5.10.1880)

The event will take the form of a picnic, from 16:30 onward.
It will take place at Bundesratufer, where Broodthaers realised that Berlin has "more bridges than Venice". 

The Organisers Organise eggs.
Participators should bring eagles. And white wine, preferably Bordeau.


p.s. – for those who regret not being able to join, there are instructions for making your own MB Memorial Party available. To receive them please supply us with your postal address. 

Photo: M(B)R

Documentation :

Photo: Ofri Lapid
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