with Moran Sanderovich, “’In the future there will be no such creatures like me.’” PROTOCOLS Issue #7: SIX + GENDERS (May 2020).

I visited Moran Sanderovich in her studio on a beautifully perfect date: two-ten-twenty-twenty — before we two knew where 2020 was going — to twenty seconds of hand washing and two meters of distance between us. We are in the midst of a global crisis, inflicted by a virus that attacks bodies and leads to illness and deadly complications. We try to minimize contagions by avoiding touch, depriving ourselves proximity with loved ones. When I reflect back on the conversation Moran and I had in her crowded studio, I recall the studio full, with bodies-of-work, intimately surrounding us, while we were talking about bodies, transformations, disgust, nature, manipulations, superpowers, legends, and traumas. What kind of traumas would a lack of touch trigger?

Moran Sanderovich holding one of her works. Photo: Michal B. Ron, 2020.